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Here are some of the subjects that we offer on our training or mentoring:







Let us help you in any of the above programming languages! E-mail me now (see e-mail address below). You may also want snippets of code...just e-mail me!

Lecturers NeededCOBOLVB.NET

 I am looking for VB.NET marker. You should have a minimum National Diploma: IT. You must be willing to come to TUT main campus (Pretoria West – see for directions) for consultation and collecting scripts. Topics/Coding you will be asked to mark include among others the following:


  • Structures and Sequential Access Files.


  • Classes and Objects.


  • Using ADO.NET 2.0.


  • Web-Applications Using ASP.NET.


  • SQL Server Database.


  • Mobile Applications.


If interested, please e-mail me your CV ASAP.

Theme 1:  Introduction to COBOL and Program Development.


Theme 2:  A Complete COBOL Program.


Theme 3:  Environment and Data Divisions.


Theme 3a:  Introduction to Nassi-Schneiderman (NS) Design.


Theme 4:  IF, MOVE, and Data Validation.


Theme 5:  Arithmetic, Branching, and Printed Reports.


Theme 6:  The COBOL SORT and Record Selection Processing.


Theme 7:  Tables and Table Processing


Theme 8:  Data Manipulation and Control Breaks.


Theme 9:  Sequential File Maintenance.


Theme 10:  Indexed and Relative Files.


Theme 11:  Article: Intrinsic Functions Articles.


Theme 12:  Article: Coding Binary Fields


Theme 13:  Article: Harmonizing Files


Theme 14:  Article: Merging of Files

Theme 1:  An Introduction to Visual Basic .NET.


Theme 2:  Creating a User Interface.


Theme 3:  Variables, Constants, Methods, and Calculations.


Theme 4:  Making Decisions in a program.


Theme 5:  Repeating Program Instructions.


Theme 6:  Sub and Function Procedure.


Theme 7:  Arrays.


Theme 8:  Structures and Sequential Access Files.


Theme 9:  Creating Classes and Objects.


Theme 10:  Using ADO.NET 2.0.


Theme11:  Creating Web-Applications Using ASP.NET.


Theme 12:  Creating SQL Server Database.


Theme 13:  Mobile Applications Using Decision Structures.